Ford Escape Transmission Troubles Mount Up

Transmission ProblemsMy daughter purchased a 2014 Ford Focus from Tedd Britt Ford in Fairfax, VA. From the very beginning when driving the car it at all times felt such as you wanted to alter gears, but considering it was a manual altering gears was not an choice. We truly praised the CVT within the Scion iQ ( learn our evaluate here ) for delivering exactly this form of responsiveness on the hills in San Francisco, despite a tiny 1.3-liter engine and just 94 hp. Nissan has been promoting vehicles with CVTs for quite some time now, and has had appreciable success introducing the brand new transmission sort into the market.

I’m not concerned in regards to the transmission as a result of I’ve a 10 year guarantee And My previous car was a 2001 city and country Chrysler with 3.eight liter engine with computerized Transmission They stated that people had problems with the transmission on that minivan I drove 360,000 plus with a great deal of issues and by no means had a problem.

First time was a month after we purchased it in 2014 as an authorized pre-owned Ford. For those who’ve got a lemon Ford Escape, do not put up with it. And do not consider for a minute that irregular is just normal” in any automobile, solely because the producer decides to call it that. Ford tech stated it will by no means be fixed and in 2018 they’re popping out with a new clutch.

Reportedly the engine has more light-weight plastic supplies in use and fewer parts constructed of steel or aluminum and that contributes to the Ford Escape troubles. We are going to by no means buy a Ford again and hope it gets fastened so we are able to sell it even know we’ll take an enormous loss. Others seem to acknowledge a untimely put on is predicted of the transmission that will end up with total failure sooner or later.

Suffice to say that after 5 days driving the Outback CVT we returned it as it was absolute rubbish to drive. We owe the finance firm $18,000 and proper now I do not wish to pay them a dime for the crap Ford has put us by means of. Now that my warranty is expired, i’m waiting to see what nissan has to say about my current go to. Nevertheless, since then, Nissan has prolonged the guarantee of the transmission to 10 years/120,000 miles.Transmission Problems